2017 | Year in Review

As we close another year, we wanted to take a moment to reflect on the work we accomplished across our platforms.

This year we processed more than 256 million transactions for 65 million unique PNRs. These include checking the booking against corporate policy, monitoring seat requests, and waitlist checks. This work is what catches a missed connection from a schedule change. The workflow automation processes ensure that travel for our clients and their customers is as smooth and easy as possible.

We consolidated 90 million separate transactions into 36 million individual trips for clients. Without a single consolidated data set, it’s nearly impossible to manage travelers or understand the breadth of a travel program. Without consolidated data, you can’t monitor contracts or supplier agreements. With this data, we ran almost 5 million reports during 12,000 unique analytics sessions.


iBank® Platform

The iBank platform transformed in 2017. We updated 45 iBank reports with efficiency and data improvements, which represent the majority of reports created within iBank. Our updated iBank infrastructure enabled us to deliver new capabilities to you, faster and with more flexibility, throughout the year. Some of the biggest improvements were made in our Air Activity, Rail Activity, Arrivals, Departures, and Upcoming Plans reports. We were 90% more efficient in updating our reports in 2017.

We focused heavily on our ability to gather data more quickly and efficiently, ensuring we have the data you need when you need it. We have also made the way you share data easier. You no longer need to be in the same database to share data with another agency. You can now modify individual reports for sharing.

We enhanced broadcast reporting with additional options. We know that each one of our clients has their own unique needs for broadcast and we wanted to make sure you could receive the reports in the frequency you needed. We add a bi-weekly option (every two weeks) and a bi-monthly option (every two months) for both back office and reservation schedules. We also added the ability to receive a notification in case delivery of a broadcast report fails to a recipient. This ensures that you can make additional arrangements to get the report to that person – and no one is missing the critical information they need to do their job.

While we recognize the need for standard reporting that automatically broadcasts to employees remains critical for most of our client – and we have also seen a need for greater on demand analysis and data visualization. This year, we built a deeper integration with our TravelOptix® Platform, enabling the back-office data to be accessed through the TravelOptix Spend Analysis App™ and reservations data to be seen with the brand-new TravelOptix Reservations Analysis App™.

Finally, we spent much of the year working on a new set of capabilities that will launch early next year as Cornerstone Data Services™. These next-generation capabilities will not only upgrade but also revolutionize current data acquisition, data cleansing, and data normalization processes in the travel industry. In addition, this new functionality makes it easier to bring in additional business-critical data such as expense data, credit card data, and other reservations.


iQCX® Platform

Throughout the year, we focused on two major projects. First, we enhanced our support for our GDS partners. We upgraded our systems to meet the new Web Services standards for Amadeus, and migrated individual customers to these new services. We engaged with Amadeus, Apollo, and Galileo customers to gather additional technical information needed to support data parsing and data capture requirements for Ancillary Services and EMDs. we have released several data capture enhancements for Ancillary Services and EMDs for both Sabre and Amadeus. We completed the development of the new iQCX Ticketing Module for Amadeus Web Services, which includes the issuance of EMDs. We also developed updates for iQCX Ticketing around services fees and EMDs, and our teams have released to the new functionality to a select group of customers. These new capabilities enable the automatic ticketing for bookings that include additional services fees and EMDs.

Second, we released a new version of our ResRules Composer, which provides ResRules writers with more flexibility and efficiency when creating new business rules. The new ResRules Composer was released to all customers, and we continued to release enhancements throughout the rest of the year. Of particular importance, we updated the rules around Sample PNR timeouts for our ResRule writers who are working hard to create and update rules for their businesses. We are also seeing the improvements in security, stability, and performance that we expected.

Finally, we remained committed to enhancing our workflow automation solutions to meet your need. We released more than 100 enhancements to our iQCX platform. These improvements ranged from processing power improvements and logging details to better Sample PNR and PNR search functionality.

We added a new tab for “Ancillary Services,” enabling search queries around PNRs with ancillary services. We enhanced our air segment searches and added search capabilities around segment type for car and hotel.


TravelOptix® Platform

The TravelOptix team started 2017 with a technology stack upgrade that improved platform performance, with faster loading of data and faster recalculations when filtering. Clients are working more efficiently and see the data visualizations change in real time without loading delays. Charts are now “time-aware,” providing continuous scaling for date fields when drilling into additional emails. The upgrade also provides security enhancements. We also completed an underlying platform upgrade to continue to provide new features and faster processing. With this upgrade, we were able to double the hardware and resources available, driving more redundancy and greater capacity across the platform. We also separated our maintenance services so that we can ensure our real-time analytics engines maintain an extremely fast and consistent level of performance.

The TravelOptix platform exploded in Apps in 2017. We now have six Standard Apps – TicketTRAK App™, Farechecker App™, Seatchecker App™, Spend Analysis App™, Reservations Analysis App™ and Schedule Change Manager App – as well as  more than 40 custom Apps for individual clients.

Standard Apps are available with pre-defined analytics and filters – together these are called “Sheets.” Standard Apps are a great way to for customers who are new to TravelOptix to gain access to the platform and learn what the platform can do. For example, Spend Analysis App has been refined throughout Q3 and now offers more than 300 dimensions, 150 measures, and 75 visualizations across 19 sheets. Learn more here and watch the video.

Client-specific can either be built off a standard App, with modifications to data sources or data fields, or a brand-new App. Our professional services team designs and builds the right App, or set of Apps, for your unique business needs. With each engagement, we work with the customer to address their specific use cases, craft visualizations meant for their individualized needs, and provide training across the organization. In doing this, we can help you create a more strategic outlook for your travel program.

Finally, we refined our App deployment process so that your Apps and any updates to them can be updated as efficiently and seamlessly as possible.


4site® Platform

This past year marked the launch of our 4site platform in the marketplace. With the feedback we received from a select group of early adopters, we enhanced the 4site Corporate Dashboard, notification capabilities and dashboard renderings. We are currently processing a quarter million flight events every month for more than 15,000 travelers per month. We are managing more than 100K unique bookings per month and more 5,000 segments every day.

We also released enhancements to the notification systems, allowing users to set their preferences. Individual users can now select the types of notifications they would like to receive based on the customers and travelers they support.

We also enhanced our traveler mapping to group travelers by location, from continent down to the city level. Users can seamlessly zoom in and out, switch continents, and access traveler data from a single window. We built this customization option because we understand that some agents may want to focus on areas in distress. The need for this functionality was never greater than in 2017. We experienced Hurricane Harvey, Hurricane Irma, Hurricane Maria, Hurricane Ophelia, the earthquake in Mexico, the fires in California, and the volcano in Bali.

While this functionality is critical in a time of distress, we recognize that some agents are dealing with a select group of VIP travelers and working to ensure their every step along the way is completely seamless. We ensured that our enhanced dashboard supported this VIP level of service and monitoring

Bringing Big Data to Corporate Travel

Traxo Case Study Cornerstone

With over 25 years providing a range of data automation solutions to the corporate travel market, Cornerstone Information Systems® knows a thing or two about the evolution of data management.

Since 1992, the Bloomington, Indiana-based travel technology and services provider has remained laser-focused on travel data – from the management of the reservation to the creation and presentation of information. Cornerstone’s dedication to process has helped partners in more than 50 countries manage their content, leading to better decision making, higher quality customer service and more nimble operational responsiveness at a lower cost. Travel management companies managing more than $25 billion in travel spend annually trust Cornerstone to help them proactively lower costs and drive revenues through optimization.

“We are people-centric, service-focused, and technology driven,” said Rock Blanco, Senior Vice President at Cornerstone. “The original core of our business was data automation and quality control of reservations. We expanded into reporting, adding more capabilities over the last few years and introduced a new data visualization platform in 2016. Now we are branching out to the next frontier and working with our clients to help them visualize these data points in a completely new way with our 4siteTM platform.”

“Traxo was the only one to meet the needs with the types of data we needed, and the ability to quickly and accurately parse the data.”
Rock Blanco Senior Vice President, Cornerstone Information Systems

Traxo Capture Helps Cornerstone Go Beyond the GDS

As the needs and tastes of the modern-day managed business traveler have evolved, more and more data points are factored into the equation. Blanco said that the Cornerstone team required a truly comprehensive technology solution to help access itinerary data beyond what is available in global distribution systems.
“We all know and understand that data continues to flow after a trip is booked,” Blanco said. “For example, travelers might book ground transportation separately or make additional airline or lodging reservations on-the-fly. We needed access to that data coming from off-platform channels such as Airbnb and HomeAway.”


In 2016, Cornerstone turned to Team Traxo and its Capture email parsing solution which, according to Blanco, “has proven to be robust and extensible.”

Traxo has helped us get more data in the system,” Blanco explained. “And the Capture solution is allowing us to respond in the moment when something happens. We now have a real-time debrief so our clients can make forward-looking decisions based on what is actually happening during any stage of the traveler’s journey.”

Since launching with Traxo Capture in November 2016, Cornerstone integrated the technology with six early adopters, a mix of Travel Management Companies (TMCs) and corporate customers.

“Our goal is to have every Cornerstone customer onboard,” Blanco said.

Team Traxo: Stress-Free, Worry-Free

After coming to terms with its own unique needs and studying the competitive landscape, Blanco and the Cornerstone team quickly realized that Traxo Capture was a one-of-a-kind solution.

“Once our team started investigating and thinking about partners we could work with, Traxo was the only one to meet the needs with the types of data we needed, and the ability to quickly and accurately parse the data,” Blanco said.

From there, it didn’t take long to develop a standard process with Traxo and, since then, Blanco explained that Cornerstone hasn’t had to work together since the implementation of the first six adopters.

“And this is a good thing,” Blanco said “The data is flowing automatically.”

“Cornerstone is one of many partners who stress to us that demand for different data sources and capabilities is not slowing down,” said Cara Whitehill, Traxo Chief Commercial Officer. “As fellow data scientists, we appreciate the challenges they face daily in keeping tabs on ‘the process.”

On Twitter: @traxo @ciswired

Where We’re Investing in 2017

As we finished 2016, we took time to look across our solutions and take stock of where we stood. Our goal is to make strong investments in our core platforms, adding new capabilities to enable you to make better business decisions, and listening to feedback from you, our customers and our partners.

2016: A Year Of Change

Last year was a year of swapping out and upgrading the old with the new at Cornerstone. We focused on making architectural changes to our iBank® software platform – changing the entire report production and distribution code base.  These efforts will allow you to create the reports and analyses that you need faster and with more flexibility. Requests that used to require engineering development can now be managed through configuration.

We also ensured our existing redundant and robust systems are ready for future growth. We increased the capacity of our server cluster and moved to all-flash memory solution. Our investment into the all-flash memory technology provides the foundation for next-generation business applications as well as bolstering support of real-time analytics. This new structure gives us eight times the input/output per second that we had previously as well as sub-millisecond latency.

We also released our TravelOptix™ software platform in 2016, as well as our new AutoPay™ product. TravelOptix provides you the flexibility to load data from virtually any data source, including spreadsheets, databases, operational systems, ERP, and web sources. Additionally, TravelOptix gives you the control to cleanse, transform, and unify multiple disparate data sources without requiring external tools. TravelOptix allows you to tell your own story on a responsive platform. The self-service data visualization enables you to answer your own questions on the fly, from any device, with data governance for your back office and reservation data built in.

AutoPay enables you to request virtual cards from within your desktop workflow, automates the generation of the virtual card numbers with the financial institution, provides that information back into the booking and passes enriched data to your back-office systems for 100% reconciliation. We partnered with two leading payment aggregators this year – eNett and Conferma. This ensures we can provide you full range of capabilities and options that best fit your individual needs.

2017: Where We Are Going

We remain committed to our mission in 2017. This year we plan to enhance our unique domain knowledge around travel data – from how travel is operationalized to how information is managed.

We remain committed to helping our customers manage their process and information, to drive better decision making. Our focus continues to be on travel data, from the management of the reservation to the creation and presentation of information.

As we enter 2017, we want to build on the progress we made in 2016 with three main areas of investment.

1) Investing in system infrastructure

We will focus on enhancing and upgrading our access to our partners, especially our GDS partners. This includes updating some of our APIs and web service calls, as well as capturing reservation data in new ways. Much of this work happens in the background – you will see the benefits in faster access to data, quicker processing times, and greater continuity of data.

We know that process times and system reliability are critically important for your business. We maintained our 99.99% uptime in 2016, and our goal is to continue provide that exceptional level of performance.

2) Expanding data capture capabilities

One of the most valuable capabilities of our TravelOptix platform is its ability to load and analyze data from any source. A critical area of focus for us in 2017 is to expand the data connections we have.

This includes building new partnerships to add data sources, and building custom links for our customers. We are evaluating the best methods of bringing data into our unified environment, so that you can view everything from reservation data to expense and human resources data in one place. This also benefits our Policy Compliance Manager™ product as well as AutoPay.

Expanding our data capture capabilities ensures that we can continue to uncover insights for your business, helping you make data-driven decisions.

3) Launching 4site™ platform

One of the areas we are most excited about is the market release of 4site. You may have seen glimpses of this Innovation Team project over the last year and a half. We have iterated our 4site platform a few times and the result is a data-driven platform designed to manage travelers before and during travel, anticipating disruptions before they happen.

We are developing 4site to use predictive intelligence to calculate the most likely scenario at any given moment, allowing the traveler, corporate travel manager, and travel management company to respond in real time.

We think that 4site will be one of the most exciting set of capabilities we bring to market in 2017.


Questions? Feel free to contact your Cornerstone account manager or email ask@ciswired.com.



5 Things We Love About the 2016 Phocuswright Conference

This week’s Phocuswright Conference in Los Angeles is the event where the “best of the best” in the travel industry are both on stage and in the audience. CIS is heading back to this epic event (again) and we’ve got big plans.

This year, CIS will not only be exhibiting, but CEO Mat Orrego will showcase our new app 4SiteTM as part of the Travel Innovation Summit Launch competition We’re letting you know about our participation because not only are we considered visonary leaders in the travel tech space, but we’re also there to talk with and listen to the other travel innovators at the event. We will be looking for those game-changing nuggets that will give us the edge in developing products that you need in order to deliver the “best of the best” service. That’s what it’s all about.

With that, here are our five favorite things about this year’s conference:

1). Thought Leaders Means Something Here

The term thought leader has been ground down to dust since Joe Kurtzman popularized it in 1994. However, if there is any place it still has meaning, it’s at Phocuswright. According to the conference website, 59% of speakers are CEOS and 56% of the audience is C-level. It’s impossible to leave without insight, strategy, and inspiration.

2). Travel Innovation Platform

The highly anticipated Innovation Platform features 3 stages for innovation: the Battleground for start-ups to present in front of potential investors and incubators, the Summit for young companies, and the Launch for established companies with innovative product launches. Every year the Innovation Platform introduces us to the best new products and ideas, and this year, we’ll be participating ourselves, introducing our new predictive intelligence technology, 4SiteTM, on the Launch stage on Wednesday, November 16 at 10:45 am.

3). Forward Thinking Sessions

We choose the keynote with Lyft’s David Baga as well as the “Board of Directors” Roundtable with Phocuswright’s Philip Wolf, the man behind the phrase “strategically correct, not politically correct,” as two of the sessions that will really focus on what we need in order to succeed in the coming years. Baga’s keynote will address the changing role of on-demand service in the travel industry, and Wolf’s Roundtable should be a high-level look at what’s to come in the industry. The Roundtable includes Terrell Jones, founder of Travelocity.com, Rich Barton, Co-Founder of Zillow and Expedia, and Jeffrey Katz, Founding Chairman and CEO of Orbitz, among others.

4). Executive Interview with Oliver Heckmann, VP Travel & Shopping, Google

Whether for business or leisure travel, Google continues to be a steadfast gateway to the travel world. We want to hear Heckmann’s take on what’s happening in the travel search, shop, and buy funnel, because it tells us a lot about the changing habits of all travelers.

5). It All Comes Down to the Dollar

There’s a good bit going on at Phocuswright around the payment process, and as we’ve been focused on operationalizing virtual cards for travel providers, we’ll be going to the “Unraveling the Cost of Supplier Payments” presented by eNett International and “Building a Global Payments Platform in the Travel Industry” presented by Yapstone.

We’re proud to be an established company that continues to innovate (the prerequisite for participating in the Innovation Launch), and we’re looking forward to many meaningful conversations with other travel industry leaders. There are important discussions to be had, and the topics we hope to discuss could factor into the travel technology landscape for the next few decades.

As always, we’re looking forward to sharing our story and having a lot of fun at the event so keep an eye on our Twitter feed (@MatOrrego and @CISWired) for photos and updates.

Cornerstone™ Information Systems Showcases the Future of Predictive Intelligence to Manage The Traveler’s Journey at Phocuswright Conference

Mat Orrego to present game-changing new 4site™  proactive journey management tool at Los Angeles event

BLOOMINGTON, IN (November 8, 2016)  – Cornerstone Information Systems (CIS), a global leader in innovative technology solutions for travel companies, today announced that they are among an elite group of visionary companies selected to battle it out at the 2016 Phocuswright Conference. Mat Orrego, the company’s CEO, will take center stage at The Travel Innovation Summit Launch to present the new 4site™ predictive intelligence technology to industry leaders on  Wednesday, November 16 at 10:45 am.

Each year, only the most forward thinkers make it into the Phocuswright Innovation Platform to vie for a variety of prestigious awards. The categories of competition consist of three distinct segments; Battleground, Summit, and Launch. Cornerstone will compete in the Launch category, which provides established companies the opportunity to unveil a groundbreaking innovation that is changing the travel landscape. Winners are named by a panel of judges comprised of high-caliber travel and technology experts.

Long recognized as a travel technology pioneer, Cornerstone will be showcasing their latest breakthrough solution which drives proactive journey management for companies and TMCs with predictive analysis and real-time chat. “There are plenty of apps out there – and some are really cool – but not a single one actually solves the problems we experience every single day around disruptions, changes in our plans, and unexpected events,” explains Mat. “We have spent the last year sharpening our focus and building an open, flexible platform that monitors trips with predictive intelligence. 4site is breaking new ground by bridging the information gap between the live trip and what the agent sees in a reservation to drive continued service.”

4site is a rich, intuitive tool that provides timely, relevant 360-degree monitoring based on customized preferences set by the TMC or corporation, and proposes actionable, details on steps to take at every touch point. The unique 4site mobile app can be custom branded or implemented directly within existing apps and gives travelers a way to stay informed and connected in real time with their travel advisor.

Mat adds, “In today’s fast-changing world, predictive intelligence can help TMCs and corporate travel teams manage what is most likely to happen before it happens. It is about prioritizing the trips to work based on criteria like specific airports, critical routes, and VIP travelers. We have developed a real game-changer and are excited to share it the industry’s most influential thought at Phocuswright.”

Founded in 1993, the annual Phocuswright Conference has evolved into one of the most important informational and networking events for the travel sector, a marketplace in which Phocuswright estimates that global spending will increase to $1.4 trillion this year from $1.3 trillion two years ago. Around 1,800 people are expected to attend the event being held in Los Angeles, which will run from Nov. 14 to 17.

Cornerstone would like to extend a special invitation to conference attendees to attend the Launch competition or visit booth ### for a personal demo. To learn more about Cornerstone Information Systems visit https://www.ciswired.com or call 1 (888) 778-0897.

About Cornerstone Information Systems

Cornerstone™ Information Systems is a global technology and services provider that has a unique domain knowledge in the travel industry, from how travel is operationalized to how information is managed. With a foundation in automation, we design, build, and deliver technology for travel companies and corporate buyers. We help our partners manage their process and information, to drive better decision making. Cornerstone has a single focus on travel data from the management of the reservation to the creation and presentation of information. The result is higher quality customer service and more nimble operational responsiveness at a lower cost with fewer resources yielding higher profit. We are people-centric, service-focused, and technology driven.

Companies managing more than $25 billion in travel spend annually trust Cornerstone to help them proactively lower the costs of travel management and drive revenues through travel optimization. Founded in 1992, Cornerstone Information Systems is a privately held company headquartered in Bloomington, Indiana with customers in more than 50 countries. To learn more, visit ciswired.com

Unless indicated otherwise, all trademarks and service marks herein are trademarks of Cornerstone Information Systems Inc. or an affiliate thereof.

About Phocuswright, Inc. (www.phocuswright.com)

Phocuswright, the travel industry research authority, fosters smart strategic planning and tactical decision-making by delivering primary research on the evolving dynamics that influence travel, tourism and hospitality distribution. To complement its research in North America, Europe and Asia, Phocuswright partners with and produces several high-profile conferences around the world.



How Today’s TMCs Optimize Corporate Travel

The complexity of managing a travel program today requires a team approach. Gone are the days that a corporate travel manager can monitor everything from seat assignments to supplier negotiations and everything else in between. Corporate alliances with TMCs have continually grown based on their expertise, knowledge and guidance to optimize a company’s travel program effectively. According to The Global Business Travel Association, a properly managed program can see a 10-12% savings in overall costs to the enterprise. TMCs can build a successful and profitable business intelligence strategy based on four core principles; Foundation of service automation, subject matter experts, communication and most significantly, cost savings.

Foundation of Service and Automation

TMCs have cultivated solid relationships with technology providers who have developed the latest technical programs designed for travel. This has become imperative with the growth of mobile applications in travel.  The amount of time and money saved by working with a TMC who has already vetted out the appropriate players have produced proven systems to support business policies and procedures that drive value to the bottom line. Through their partnerships, TMCs bring to the corporate environment an infrastructure to support such elements in a travel program as:

  • Negotiating and optimizing supplier agreements
  • Managing trip disruption – Both the Traveler and TMC are usually aware of trip disruption at the same time, however solving the problem in stress- free, real-time actionable way is best suited for the use of technology that a TMC brings to the relationship
  • Implement policies and procedures – they help implement more than just develop
  • The ability to slice, dice, customize and proactively use the analysis of big data
  • Use of current technology including mobile apps

Subject Matter Experts

TMCs have extensive access to both human and technical resources. When it comes to travel, expecting the unexpected has become the norm. Trips are in a constant state of change affected by various contributing factors. Weather, updates in bookings, cancellations, and delays are a common mantra for today’s road warriors. The ability to have access to 24/7 support that also serves up viable solutions is an advantage TMCs have in their role in travel management.

Throughout a traveler’s journey, a TMC knows the itinerary, can reach out in real-time and can often predict what may happen before it happens. This access and expertise can be used to administer practical solutions promptly. An individual Corporate Manager with hundreds of travelers on the road at any given time cannot possibly monitor and assist with each trip.

With smart phones and tablets in nearly every consumer’s hands today, travel company’s  need to think strategically about developing a highly effective omni-channel strategy. Mobile devices are ideal companions for travelers, allowing them to access information, services, and booking while en route and mobile technology has quickly become a standard resource for travel assistance. The new event-driven Cornerstone 4site™ provides real-time and contextual trip data directly to the corporate traveler’s mobile device. 4Site™ assists travelers with such challenges as trip disruption and provides direct real-time communication with their TMC. 


Make a plan and work the plan! Every company wants to be in control, but it can be challenging with today’s complex travel arrangements. Travelers also want control and sometimes feel they can do a better job by self-managing their trips. Communication is the key.

Compliance is one of the toughest parts of a travel program to handle, and the recent consensus is that the one size fits all policy does not work in today’s environment. What does work, be able to capture data booked outside of the expected order of business and use technology to examine the impact noncompliance.

A solution like TravelOptix™ solves that problem by incorporating travel statistics into a rich visualization that highlights actionable data that can be used by the TMC or company travel manager. Through data management, a TMC can eliminate productivity drain, invigorate travel confidence and oversee policy control while balancing flexibility that may be better for the traveler or the company.


Cost savings is the number one priority for most any company. TMCs have access through supplier agreements to the right tools to help make this a reality. Organizations using a TMC to obtain useful technology benefit from considerable savings from the start, with the ability to negotiate volume discounts.

A TMC can benchmark successful tactics and programs that reduce expenses through measurement across similar companies in their management. Simply put, the ability to see what works and what does not is clearer for a TMC than and individual company. Working in partnership with a TMC, solutions such as Cornerstone’s Fare Checker modules optimize trip costs by monitoring best available fares as they open up.

It takes a village to raise a child and a team to manage and optimize a corporate travel program.  The modern TMC can create a foundation of service, expertise, communication and savings that benefit both the traveler and the corporation.

CIS Showcases Travel Solutions at the ACTE Global Corporate Travel Conference in Paris

TravelOptix™ and 4site™ enable Travel Management Companies to be more proactive by delivering actionable data to their corporate clients and corporate travelers

Attendees at this year’s ACTE Global Corporate Travel Conference in Paris will be introduced to TravelOptix™ and 4site™, two new pioneering solutions for travel management companies, corporations, and travelers. Cornerstone Information Systems, a leader in the development of software applications for travel, announced today they will offer the first European preview of these products at their InterACTE booth from October 14-16, 2015.

The Association of Corporate Travel Executives Conference is one of the best-attended and thought provoking travel events in France and Europe and brings together leaders to share ideas on innovation taking place in the corporate travel industry. Cornerstone will be will be on hand to meet with attendees and demonstrate the company’s multi-channel services and solutions.

“Each time we attend an ACTE conference, it provides us with a unique opportunity to share the exciting and innovative things we’re doing in the travel management technology space,” said Mat Orrego, CEO of Cornerstone. “We are setting out to solve two of the most significant problems in the travel industry; trip disruption and data consolidation, and are thrilled to showcase both TravelOptix™ and 4site™ to the European travel community during the event.”

TravelOptix™ provides dynamic and actionable visualizations of a companies’ travel data ensuring that they have broad visibility into their travel trends.  Bringing insights through analytics, TravelOptix assists TMC’s and their clients in making informed decisions based on a consumable business intelligence. TravelOptix enables information clarity on:

  • Savings metrics
  • Program gaps
  • Policy compliance
  • Budget enforcement
  • Future strategy

4site™ is an event driven mobile application that provides accurate, timely and relevant travel data directly to the corporate traveler’s mobile device. Registration is enabled through their current travel services provider, making access to the data and benefits of 4site™ a seamless, hassle-free process. Through traveler messaging and insightful business intelligence, 4site™ administers and delivers real-time data on:

  • Itineraries and travel options
  • Trip disruption – both detecting and managing
  • Re-accommodation services

Cornerstone provides travel management professionals and organizations with a holistic view of the swiftly changing travel market. It provides a seamless way to integrate and visualize disparate sets of data to enable more effective decision making. Cornerstone developed these solutions to enhance their ongoing commitment to providing better analytic visualization and actionable data for TMC’s and their clients.

Interested parties can visit the Cornerstone’s exhibit at the Association of Corporate Travel Executives (ACTE) in Paris or schedule a demo by visiting www.ciswired.com.

Cornerstone Information Systems Will Unveil 4site™ and TravelOptix™ at GBTA – Innovation that Helps Solve Industry’s Biggest Challenges

Attendees at this year’s GBTA Convention in Orlando will be introduced to Cornerstone’s 4site™ and TravelOptix™, two new game-changing solutions for travel management companies, corporations, and travelers. Cornerstone, a leading developer of software applications for the travel industry, is a featured exhibitor at the event and will be offering a special preview of the cutting-edge advancements at their booth #827.

The new event-driven app 4site™ provides real-time and contextual trip data directly to the corporate traveler’s mobile device. Registration is enabled through their current agency and travel services provider, making traveler access to the benefits of the 4site mobile app a seamless, hassle-free process. Through traveler messaging and insightful business intelligence, 4site™ administers real-time information including:

  • Itineraries and travel options
  • Trip disruption – both detecting and managing
  • Re-accommodation and agency services

By delivering insights through analytics, TravelOptix™ assists enterprises and their agencies in making informed decisions based on consumable business intelligence. Distributed through designated TMC’s, the solution provides relevant, dynamic and actionable visualizations of an organization’s travel data – and much more. TravelOptix™ enables insights on:

  • Predefined and DYO (Design Your Own) Analytics
  • Incorporate your own Data Sources (e.g. credit card, expense, and HR)
  • Publish Analytics and Story Telling to Stakeholders
  • KPI Monitoring and Trending

“We are setting out to solve two of the most significant problems in the travel industry; trip information, travel disruption and data consolidation,” stated Mat Orrego, CEO of Cornerstone. “We are setting out to solve these challenges with solutions that scale and are thrilled to reveal both 4site™ and TravelOptix™ at the GBTA Convention.”

GBTA is the largest annual gathering of business travel and meetings managers, meeting planners, procurement professionals and suppliers in the world with nearly 7,000 attendees participating in education, professional development, and networking opportunities. Cornerstone designed these new solutions to deliver better analytic visualization and actionable data for their clients.

Interested parties can schedule an appointment at the Global Business Travel Conference (GBTA) in Orlando, July 25-29, 2015 by visit https://www.ciswired.com or can stop by booth #827 to see Cornerstone’s newest innovations.