May 18, 2020

Data: The Catalyst For Corporate Travel’s Recovery

  Shoring up travel data practices in response to COVID, and preparing for the next major disruption to travel.    “What Went Wrong? What comes next?” The first isn’t anyone’s favorite question. The second is essential.   In light of COVID’s disruption of the Travel...
April 30, 2020

Free Trial of TicketTRAK to all Topaz Clients!

Are you finding yourself burdened by too many unused airline tickets due to COVID? While business is still be down due to the pandemic, some activity is happening in the travel industry — unfortunately, much of that involves flight changes and cancellations. All of...
April 30, 2020

Webinar Q and As — Data: the Catalyst for Corporate Travel’s Recovery

Webinar Questions and Answers Thanks again to our panelists for sharing their insights on the role of data for business travel during the early stages of the COVID crisis and in its recovery. A recording of the entire session can be found here: There...
April 27, 2020

Help Us Model The Future of Travel

Take Cornerstone’s COVID-19 survey here   Predicting the return of the travel industry survey Take Cornerstone’s Survey: Predicting The Return of the Travel Industry here.   With COVID 19 peaking in the United States and around the world, businesses like Cornerstone are all trying...
April 1, 2020

Cornerstone Forum Resources

  This page is a repository for any and all helpful information and resources that we can offer to those taking part in the Cornerstone Forum. This page will be added to as we learn and accumulate more information. (Last update: 4/1/2020) Below is...
March 20, 2020

Free Trial of TicketTRAK To Help You With The COVID-19 Pandemic

  CALLING ALL iQCX USERS! We have been talking a lot with our customers these days and we’re sure you’ve been taking stock with yours as well. Despite business being down, we hear clearly is that activity is way up – much of that...
March 16, 2020

TravelOptix Upgrade – What’s New

We have a number of great new upgrades to our TravelOptix platform via Qlik Sense to announce! Check out what’s new below!  
March 12, 2020

Cornerstone’s Top 10 Tips and Tricks For Working From Home

Due to the Coronavirus COVID-19, more and more people are being asked or required by their companies to work from home.  For many people in every industry, this will be a new experience. It may even be their first time connecting remotely to their...
March 5, 2020

Need to Build Trust With Your Travelers? Consider an Audit!

      Do you know what builds trust in your market? Having your caliber of service proven by a third-party auditing company. Very few actions can promote your program as “Trustworthy” better than engaging with a non-invested auditor and being given top marks....
February 26, 2020

Automating Your Business’ Payments Just Became Even Easier

  Think about your expenses for a moment. How many of those are automatically paid on a schedule? Many of your subscriptions and monthly bills are paid every month without having to give them any thought. Your Amazon Prime, cell phone, electric bill… even...