Automating Your Business’ Payments Just Became Even Easier


Think about your expenses for a moment. How many of those are automatically paid on a schedule? Many of your subscriptions and monthly bills are paid every month without having to give them any thought. Your Amazon Prime, cell phone, electric bill… even some of our groceries are automatically paid for and delivered to our doorsteps!


So why wouldn’t you do the same for your business?


Well, if you are a customer of SAP Concur using Comdata’s Mastercard payment solutions … Now you can!


ApexConnect, an absolutely top-notch data company, along with our partners at Cornerstone Information Systems has completed a groundbreaking labor of love making this possible, and we’re here to tell you about it.



ApexConnect Announces New Solution for Businesses to Connect Between Comdata and SAP Concur


Just this quarter, ApexConnect, Comdata, and SAP Concur finished up a monumental effort to connect SAP Concur with Comdata; building a payment portal to manage the payments, vendors, workflow, and integrations. In certifying the solution on Concur’s newest V4 Pay API, the offering simplifies complex business processes and offers customers an intuitive and comprehensive payment portal.


Comdata is a 50-year-old company and one of the largest commercial card issuers in the world who delivers innovative B2B payment technologies. The company partners with more than 30,000 businesses to better manage $55B in annual fleet, corporate purchasing, payroll and healthcare spending, making it the leading commercial Mastercard issuer in North America. Given those credentials, chances are you’re probably familiar with them.


In short, this solution accommodates SAP Concur customers to use Comdata for processing payments to vendors.


That’s not all. This was actually a first on SAP Concur’s new standard V4 payment API. Just as important — there were many accolades from SAP Concur and Comdata on the success, comprehension, creativity, as well as the completeness of the documentation and thoughtfulness for the customer use cases, existing customer migrations, and go-to-market approaches.


“Comdata’s focus on customers help them eliminate not just paper, it optimizes internal operation and processes while driving efficiencies into cash and treasury management,” says Greg Hulsey, the Senior Vice President of commercial card sales at Comdata. “By centralizing payments to vendors and leveraging today’s technology, companies can see not just increased efficiencies, but also incentives to optimize the entire AP flow.”


We are very excited to begin rolling this solution out and seeing how much time and money will to be saved for all businesses using this product. So is SAP Concur:


“Comdata provides Concur Invoice clients with an integrated, world-class virtual credit card program. In addition to paying invoices with check or ACH, clients can make payments using a secure, single-use MasterCard account number to minimize the cost and hassle of paper check payments. And because funds are delivered through the MasterCard network, you earn monthly rebates on spending, similar to the way a consumer earns cash back on a personal credit card.” –


We spoke with Comdata’s Senior Vice President of Operations for Corporate Payments, Meitra Aycock, for her take on this successful solution. She is enthusiastic to see AP Automation move forward. “This will save clients a lot of time and a lot of money.”


“Comdata is a leading provider of innovative payment and operating technology that drives actionable insights from spending data, builds enhanced controls and positively impacts its clients’ bottom lines.” – Meitra Aycock


According to research by Comdata, paper checks can cost your business upwards of $5 per check to pay your vendors. That means that the more business you do, the more money is wasted on those little pieces of paper. The setup for the AP automated program is quick and easy. Not only does the automation save time, but the data services linked to it chart out your expenses for you in a consolidated dashboard. No matter who you bank with, that’s something your manual paper check writing process cannot do!


Combining Convenience and Security


Typically, when we think of banking technology, security and convenience can often compete against each other. We all have experienced the choice between having your browser remember your credit card number and needing to fish the card out of your wallet every time you want to purchase something online. This becomes far more complicated when managing payments for hundreds of vendors that you manage for your business.


Comdata’s Virtual Card payment technology solves this conundrum.


Now, when you set up an invoice in the Comdata/SAP Concur solution for repeated and automatic billing, Comdata can generate a single-use 16-digit MasterCard number and deliver that number along with full invoice and remittance data to your vendor.


One card number for each transaction. That means even if the generated credit card number is compromised due to a breach on your vendor’s side, you don’t have to worry because your account is still secure.


Not to mention, since the virtual card is generated as a Mastercard, you are still able to apply the transaction to earning Mastercard rebates just as you might do with a regular personal or business credit card.


Convenience and security, in one elegant solution.


A Practical Solution for the Modern World


But how practical is this solution?


Very! As evidenced by the number of today’s Comdata customers using the previous iteration of this solution.


We asked ApexConnect’s Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Ross Atkinson, what this means for clients:


“Now that we’ve built this with Comdata, we can offer a market leading solution for Concur customers to process their payments through Comdata. That’s extremely important to customers. It streamlines and eliminates data handling errors.


Handling of processing payments to vendors itself also gives you a very clear cut, comprehensive master dataset of your vendors and your terms and conditions of payment. This helps to maximize your payment cycles to ultimately leverage your cash on hand and any incentives provided by Comdata.”


                             – Ross Atkinson, ApexConnect VP Marketing and Sales.


ApexConnect and Automation – Are You A Fit?


While we don’t know exactly what the future will hold, we can definitely take a moment and reflect that ApexConnect, Comdata, and SAP Concur’s team has moved us along the path of automation progress.


Now all that remains is to ask yourself: is your business ready for this future of B2B payments?


If you are interested in learning more about how this payment automation solution can help your company, email us at




Adobe Flash is going away. What does that mean for iBank? A lot!


Until now, iBank Version 5 has run on Adobe Flash. However, Flash is going to be discontinued at the end of 2020. This means that iBank would be unable to run if we did not make a number of important changes.
The good news is that you will not have to do anything on your end. We have been working tirelessly on moving iBank off of Flash and on to a more flexible and sustainable web based technology. We plan on making this transition as seamless for you as possible. There may be a few changes, and it may look slightly different, but the basic functionalities will remain the same. Dashboard Travets users are particularly encouraged to read below as you will be most affected by this change.

Read on for more details:


Adobe has decided to “end-of-life” Adobe Flash at the end of 2020. This means that Adobe will no longer support or update their Flash product in any way. As a result, web browsers are preparing to remove support for Flash within their products. This impacts iBank because several components within the site rely on Adobe Flash to present the user interface. Therefore, the Cornerstone Development team is in process of converting impacted iBank functionality to a new modern web framework.

In preparation for this conversion, the Cornerstone Development team has performed an audit of functions and features that will be affected by end-of-life of Adobe Flash. They are now actively converting the core iBank Reporting features impacted by this change to a new modern web framework. Below are the high-level features that are being converted…


  • Accessing/Running Reports (Standard and Custom)
  • Defining report criteria and settings
  • Creating Saved Filter of a collection of report criteria
  • Sharing Saved Filters to another another iBank user
  • Setting a Saved Filter as the ‘Default’ filter set for a report
  • Accessing Saved Filters
  • Creating/Editing Broadcasts
  • Configuring reports included in broadcast request
  • Setting Schedule and Frequency of Broadcasts
  • Defining additional broadcast criteria (output format, account to run broadcast against, etc.)
  • Configuring the broadcast email message criteria
  • Putting broadcasts on hold and flagging if an error is encountered
  • Sharing Broadcast with another iBank user
  • Accessing/Reviewing Data Load Activities
  • Reviewing recently (last 30 days) requested online, offline, and broadcast requests
  • Report outcome (Success, No Data, Error, etc.)
  • Report Criteria
  • Download Copy of Successfully run report
  • Reload report request criteria to re-run the report request



With the availability of better data visualization tools, we have chosen to sunset Dashboard Travets. In iBank V4 these Travet dashboards provided an avenue for customers to glean insights from their data from a small handful of data visualizations. With the arrival of powerful BI tools like TravelOptix, we now have ways for a customer in need of data visualization insights to actively and dynamically work with their data in ways that make Travet Dashboards pale in comparison.

The Development team is converting to the new modern framework that captures as much of the look and feel for how customers work in iBank currently. However, there will be small tweaks/adjustments we will make in the interest of providing the same or improved user interface features and functionality.

This work is currently in progress, and the team is around 75% done with the initial effort to convert the Reporting functionality to the new framework. As areas of the site are completed, we will gather internal feedback to adjust the layout as needed and fix any bugs found. We are beginning to share access internally to gather that feedback. We plan on early being positioned to move customers over to this new user experience in early 2020.

Powerful New TicketTRAK® Update – AVAILABLE NOW!


Powerful New Version of TicketTRAK® is here! What does this mean for you and your company?


We are very excited to announce the release of our TicketTRAK update, and we have compiled this page highlighting what’s new regarding this update. What’s new? What’s changed? What can your company expect from this great new tool? Read on to find out!


But first, what IS TicketTRAK?


We know, and you know, that 5%-10% of the tickets that your customers purchase will change and are at risk of going unused. This is why industry standard practice requires the tracking of unused tickets. We also know that this is no simple task.

Unused tickets that expire mean that the money your client spent on travel simply ends up as a tip in the airlines’ pockets. The good news is that more than 80% of all unused tickets can be recovered through proper management. TicketTRAK is here to help you do just that.

TicketTRAK is designed to fit into your current agency workflow and operates in the background. Our technology provides automated loading, tracking, and monitoring of ticket status both pre and post-travel up to the time of expiration. We even enable loading of specialty ticket types such as MCOs and non-BSP/ARC transactions. We provide a view of ticket status across multiple GDS sources.

Even more critical for you, we enable point of sale alerts so that your agents can opportunities to exchange unused tickets before they expire and become worthless. We layer in robust business intelligence visualizations through our TravelOptix® platform. We also automate reporting to go out to your internal teams and customers.



What’s New With TicketTRAK?

  • Integration with BookingBuilder (TM)

  • Improved ability for agents to interact with TicketTRAK directly via PNR remarks

  • New ResRule functionality that will alert agents to opportunities to use unused tickets

  • Broadcast report functionality via iBank

  • Improved pre-travel status checks on e-tickets issued through GDS for better data  visualization

  • Simplified process for adding non-ARC / BSP tickets and MCOs

  • Robust data visualization for account management and customer consultation

  • Added a process to upload tickets to TicketTrak in bulk during implementation

  • Including a “Build Your Own Report” interface and functionality


These are some of the biggest highlights for new functions and capabilities for TicketTRAK, and there is a lot to be excited about!


What can TicketTRAK do for you?




Still wondering if TicketTRAK is the right solution for you?

We would be happy to discuss your unique business situation and further discuss the features and functionalities of TicketTRAK. You can request a demo here or contact our office at:

+1 812 330-4361 *
* Press 2 for Sales

IQCX Toubleshooting Training

iQCX Training Is Here!

Ever have one of those days where a PNR didn’t process correctly, and you wish you could just fix it yourself instead of going through the process of submitting a ticket and waiting for help?

Well, today is your lucky day!

Sign up for iQCX Troubleshooting Training Class HERE!

Because even though we here at Cornerstone thrive on fixing errors as quickly and efficiently as possible, we know that sometimes nothing beats being able to just sit down and do something yourself.

That’s why we are offering our very own iQCX Troubleshooting Courses for clients of all levels and familiarity.

Whether you are looking to designate an employee as your own in-house “go-to” for iQCX troubleshooting issues, or you just want to give your agents a little bit of extra training, these courses are absolutely something that you won’t want to miss.

Take a look at what we have to offer:


Web Portal Troubleshooting

(1 hour)

This introductory class for troubleshooting is intended for any iQCX client. 

Attendees will be shown basic troubleshooting steps and procedures in tracking down, identifying problems, and taking steps to fix them.  We will discuss the overall iQCX process, so that you understand how iQCX works, and then show you how to use the options and features available to you in the Web Portal, giving you the power to correct some issues on your own.




Composer Troubleshooting

(1 hour)

For customers who are ResRule Writers:

Access to the iQCX Composer gives you more than just the ability to write ResRules.  In it, you can look at many aspects of the overall iQCX processing, and use the Composer’s capabilities to review schedules, troubleshoot ResRules, and see how and why a PNR was not processed correctly.  Most times, it is the user who can identify and correct problems without having to escalate to Cornerstone Support.  In this class, you’ll be shown how to use all the features of the Composer to assist you in your troubleshooting procedures, beyond what you can do in the Web Portal.


Current Prices:

$250 – First Seat

$150 – Per seat for the next 4 seats from your company or party

$99 – each seat after the 5th




If you have any questions, you can get in touch with your CIS rep or send any inquiry to:

All times listed in the class descriptions are on United States Eastern Time  (GMT -5, same as New York, New York).

*** All seats and prices are non-negotiable and non-refundable ***

Cornerstone Information Systems Selected as One Of The Best Places To Work Bloomington

best places to work logoBloomington, Indiana (June 28, 2019) – Cornerstone Information Systems® is thrilled to announce that they have been selected as one of the Best Places To Work Bloomington by The Herald-Times, The Mill, and the Bloomington Economic Development Corporation.

The Best Places To Work Bloomington is designed to spotlight the best places to work in different categories, to highlight opportunities for those in the Bloomington and surrounding areas. Cornerstone had to complete a company survey, and then company employees were surveyed. The combined scores, the employee survey being weighed higher, earned Cornerstone a place on the Best Places To Work Bloomington list.

“I am thrilled we have earned a spot on the list, and I’m proud to be in the company of these other great companies,” said Cornerstone CEO Mat Orrego. “We are committed to Bloomington, and I believe the city-wide investment in technology and life sciences is planning the seeds for attracting and retaining talent for future growth.”

Based in Bloomington since 1992, Cornerstone Information Systems has grown from a small office of fifteen to almost 100 employees. Cornerstone is in final preparations to move into a brand-new headquarters building in downtown Bloomington along the B-Line. Employees have an average tenure of more than seven years, a tribute to Cornerstone’s investment in its employees and more than triple the average for most technology companies.

“I love working for Cornerstone,” said Jenny Tracy, Customer Services Facilitation Manager. “I can enjoy the small city feel while working at a growing global business that does big things and impacts many people.”

To learn more about Cornerstone Information Systems or to set up an interview, please contact Lauren Wolters ( or visit

Cornerstone Acquires Apexconnect Inc.

Platform, Cloud, Integration Endpoints and Data is the Future of an Intelligent Hybrid Environment

Bloomington Indiana (June 26, 2019) – Cornerstone Information Systems Inc. is pleased to announce the acquisition of the business of Apexconnect Inc., a Washington DC based company. Apexconnect Inc. helps customers automate the integration of expense, payment, and invoicing processes across the enterprise via its Core Connector Platform™. The Apexconnect Inc. business will now be known as ApexConnect.

With Cornerstone’s stronghold on travel technology and ApexConnect’s focus on financial technology, both companies saw the potential to work together to provide a broader set of data and information services to their customers.

The companies’ respective Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) offerings are designed to automate a variety of workflows that provide the opportunity to merge a broad variety of different data. Combined with artificial intelligence and predictive technologies, this intelligent hybrid of expense, payment, booking, human capital and other data will change the insights that are delivered to a customer’s enterprise.

“Often we see the need to cast a wider net of functionality across the enterprise in order to help automate for a richer and more efficient workflow for customers,” said Cornerstone Information Systems CEO Mat Orrego. “ApexConnect really understands how to bring together ‘the last mile’ in procure-to-pay workflows and we both saw the opportunity to work together. This technology has a ton of potential to help customers in other areas of their business.”

ApexConnect will continue to run as an independent business from its new offices in Arlington, Va. and will be supported by Cornerstone’s established and growing business out of Bloomington, In. headquarters. Ross Atkinson, Vice President of Sales and Partner Services for ApexConnect, will work with Cornerstone’s Chief Operating Officer Ron Childress to help grow and manage the business.

“With a strong, shared customer focus, both companies look forward to broadening the services they offer while focusing on the specific data, information and integration needs of its customers,” said Ron Childress.

To learn more about Cornerstone Information Systems or ApexConnect or to set up an interview, please contact Lauren Wolters ( or visit


More about ApexConnect

ApexConnect, is an Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) company with a Cloud Connect Platform.  This unique platform integrates hundreds of connections with expense management, enterprise resource planning, human capital management, and payment solutions to quickly connect what have traditionally been disparate systems across an enterprise.

The platform automates the invoice, purchase order, expense, documentation management and corporate payment processes while applying client specific business rules, logic, data validations, and transformations providing value in key business functions.

ApexConnect is a company with a customer and cloud first approach.

To learn more, visit


More about Cornerstone Information Systems

Cornerstone Information Systems® is a global technology and services provider that has a unique domain knowledge in the travel industry, from how travel is operationalized to how information is managed. With a foundation in automation, Cornerstone designs, builds, and delivers technology for travel companies and corporate buyers. Cornerstone has a single focus on travel data from the management of the reservation to the creation and presentation of information. The result is higher quality customer service and more nimble operational responsiveness at a lower cost with fewer resources yielding higher profit.

Companies managing more than $25 billion in travel spend annually trust Cornerstone to help them proactively lower the costs of travel management and drive revenues through travel optimization. Founded in 1992, Cornerstone Information Systems is a privately held company headquartered in Bloomington, Indiana with customers in more than 50 countries. To learn more, visit

Cornerstone Information Systems Announces New and Enhanced Solution for Ticket Tracking






Bloomington, Indiana (April 23, 2019) – Cornerstone Information Systems® today announces its new and enhanced TicketTRAK™ technology for tracking unused tickets.

Tracking unused airline tickets remains a big challenge for travel companies. Cornerstone research indicates that five percent to ten percent of a corporation’s total air spend is associated with unused tickets, and more than 80 percent of all unused tickets can be recovered through proper management. TicketTRAK is here to help travel companies do just that.

“Travel companies look for ways to save money for their customers, and TicketTRAK delivers that,” said Cornerstone CEO Mat Orrego. “Ignoring unused tickets leaves money on the table that can be put toward new and additional travel.”

TicketTRAK fits easily into a travel agency’s workflow and operates in the background. The technology provides automated loading, tracking, and monitoring of ticket status, both pre and post-travel up to the time of expiration. Cornerstone’s technology enables the loading of specialty ticket types such as MCOs and non-BSP/ARC transactions. Additionally, the solution provides a single view of ticket status across multiple GDS sources and enables broadcast reporting to clients.

“TicketTRAK helps our travel management customers ensure that their clients get the most value from every dollar they spend on airline tickets,” said Kyle Moser, Vice President of Product Strategy and Development at Cornerstone Information Systems. “And, by leveraging their existing workflows and automation, we help them deliver this value without additional work. We had to make sure that our technology fit right into our customers’ existing processes.”

Even more critical for travel companies, Cornerstone sends point of sale alerts to agents to identify travelers with potential unused ticket savings opportunities. Cornerstone layers in robust business intelligence visualizations through the TravelOptix® platform for reporting and analytics.  These are integrated with existing reservation log, queue, and detailed views. TicketTRAK also automates reporting for distribution to internal teams and customers.

To learn more about TicketTRAK, please click here.

To learn more about Cornerstone Information Systems or to set up an interview with Cornerstone experts, please contact Lauren Wolters ( or visit

Helping You Manage The Impact Of The FAA Temporarily Grounding Boeing 737 MAX

On March 13, 2019, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) of the United States ordered the temporary grounding of all Boeing 737 MAX aircraft as operated by United States airlines or in United States territory. For latest information from the FAA, click here.

Cornerstone Information Systems can and wants to help our customers manage the impacts of this FAA ruling on their business.

Cornerstone is ready to provide our customers with reservation data showing critical information about travelers and their itineraries that will be affected by the grounding of the Boeing 737 MAX equipment.

To request information on the availability and receipt of your data, please contact your Cornerstone Account Manager or Cornerstone Support via email ( or direct by phone at +1 (888) 778-0897 or +1 (812)  330-4361 option #3.

Anytime the need arises, Cornerstone has the data to help you be responsive to the needs of your customers, travelers, or stakeholders.



Laurie Reese

Executive Vice President, Customer Services

Cornerstone Acquires Topaz International


January 17, 2019 – We are excited to share that we have acquired the auditing and benchmarking business of Topaz International. Topaz is a leading provider of travel audits and the analysis of travel programs and policies for corporate buyers.

Since 1978, Topaz has delivered quality services to over 500 of the Fortune 1000 companies around the world. The exceptional Topaz team is joining Cornerstone, along with Bradley Seitz, President, Topaz, who will remain in a leadership role to provide continuity and advice, and strategic direction on future initiatives.

Topaz is an ideal complement to our growing work with corporate travel buyers and an opportunity to enhance the Topaz offerings with our workflow automation and reporting & analytics solutions. With the addition of Topaz benchmarking and fare auditing capabilities, we are expanding and deepening our core capabilities in helping companies both manage and measure the effectiveness of their travel programs.

In the next few months, Topaz and Cornerstone will work to build the foundation for a broader, more tech integrated offering of our services that advance our reporting and analytical abilities. Topaz will continue to run under its brand and leadership to maintain impartiality in its consulting services to corporate buyers.

Over the last 18 months, we have been hiring and have plans to double our workforce in the coming years. We remain focused on building our business by offering enhanced services that help buyers manage their programs and relationships with suppliers, distributors, and services partners. The Topaz acquisition creates a stronger prospect for Cornerstone and allows us to expand the range of services we provide to all our customers.

Cornerstone Information Systems grows, hires to tame travel tech’s next frontier


Indiana University, Luddy Hall, Location: Bloomington IN, Architect: Pelli Clarke Pelli

Earlier this month, Mat Orrego, CEO, sat down the team at TechPoint to talk about Cornerstone’s growth plans. Mat discussed the plans to add 40 new hires by 2021, the new company headquarters, and a focus more on building more automated services. Read the article here.

TechPoint is the growth accelerator for Indiana’s tech ecosystem. Indiana currently boasts a $7 billion in tech company acquisitions and IPOs, the most affordable housing market in the country, and a high production of software jobs.