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This page is a repository for any and all helpful information and resources that we can offer to those taking part in the Cornerstone Forum.

This page will be added to as we learn and accumulate more information. (Last update: 4/1/2020)

Below is some good information for the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP). You can also read the text of the final version itself here.

Great Forbes Article Reposted From GBTA:

COVID-19 continues to wreak havoc on the world’s peoples and economies. In the United States, as businesses shut down or pare back, millions of workers have already been laid off, leaving many to wonder how they’ll pay their bills. CONTINUE READING

Free Trial of TicketTRAK To Help You With The COVID-19 Pandemic



We have been talking a lot with our customers these days and we’re sure you’ve been taking stock with yours as well. Despite business being down, we hear clearly is that activity is way up – much of that involving flight changes and cancellations.
All of this is leaving companies with thousands of dollars in unused tickets.


When COVID-19 eventually fades into the rearview mirror, one thing is for certain: business travel will resume.


We don’t think we’re alone in wanting to look our customers in the eye, shake their hands, and have a quality, face-to-face conversation.  When that time comes, today’s cancelled ticket will become tomorrow’s exchange opportunity. But if what we’re hearing is right, finding those tickets could be a significant challenge. 


“Cornerstone Can Help”


These three words have become the ‘Cornerstone’ of our philosophy during this time of uncertainty. With the novel coronavirus COVID-19 having such a harsh impact on the travel industry, we want to do everything we can to live up to that motto.


We are starting by making our newest version of TicketTRAK available to you for free for the duration of Q2 if you sign up with us by April 17th. This means that you can use this tool from us for free until June 30th to help reclaim the value of your cancelled airline tickets.


What can TicketTRAK do for you? Great question! Read on to find out:



Tracking Cancelled Tickets Due To COVID-19 Concerns


Capturing the value of unused tickets can be a major priority as the global business world fluctuates. The conference circuit is being particularly hard hit as event after event is cancelled due to the risk.

That means that suddenly, a lot of companies are finding themselves with tickets for flights that will not be used.

Cornerstone’s TicketTRAK platform actually keeps tabs on these unused tickets, and with proper management, up to 80% of their value can be recovered. In fact, we just released an update to this platform making it easier as well as more robust in its functionalities. It can integrate with BookingBuilder ™, interact directly with PNR remarks, broadcast functionality via our iBank platform, simplified the process for adding non-ARC / BSP tickets and MCOs, and more.


We also know that most of your clients’ airline ticket cancellations have already taken place. We can retroactively go back through cancellations in order to track what has not been processed by TicketTRAK. 


If you can say “yes” to the following, please do not hesitate in signing up for our free offer:

  1. You are CURRENTLY an iQCX client
  2. Do you have multiple unused non-refundable ticket logs?
  3. Wish you had easy access to unused ticket information?
  4. Wish you had an easy way to include manual tickets and/or MCOs’ in your unused ticket reporting?


Let us help you with this burden. Email your account executive or sign up to speak with one of our experts here.


Don’t consider the value of unused tickets to be lost. Start tracking tickets for your customers with TicketTRAK and redeem as many of them as policy allows.



Q – How soon do I have to sign up?

A – Anyone signed up by April 17th, 2020 will be able to take advantage of this free version of TicketTRAK until the end of Q2 (June 30th, 2020). After June 30th, you can decide to keep it, or unsubscribe from the service.


Q – How soon do open ETR’s show up in TicketTRAK?

A – We have built the module to start checking open ETR’s once a ticket is issued. That means we can pick up an opportunity on an ETR that was canceled pre travel, not just the day post last segment.


Q – How soon are exchanged ETR’s removed from the database?

A – You decide how often you want iQCX to check the status, or you can place the PNR on the traditional iQCX processing schedule with a remark and the ETR status is changed at that time.


Q – What if I do not have Booking Builder. How would our agents know if an ETR is available for use?

A – Our standard offering comes with a queue back to the agent once the PNR is presented to iQCX for QC/Issuance. We place the PNR back to the agent with the open ETR number for use


Q – Is there a cost to implement Booking Builder if we use it?

A – No, we do not charge for the iQCX set up and loading to the Booking Builder database every day.



TravelOptix Upgrade – What’s New

We have a number of great new upgrades to our TravelOptix platform via Qlik Sense to announce! Check out what’s new below!



Cornerstone’s Top 10 Tips and Tricks For Working From Home

Due to the Coronavirus COVID-19, more and more people are being asked or required by their companies to work from home.  For many people in every industry, this will be a new experience. It may even be their first time connecting remotely to their office for a full 8 hours of productivity.

Cornerstone’s employee population is actually very closely split between in-office and remote employees. About 50% of our employees work from home across the US. So we asked many of them the question: what tips and tricks would you give for people who are just embarking on their own “work from home” journeys?

This is what they said:


Need to Build Trust With Your Travelers? Consider an Audit!




Do you know what builds trust in your market? Having your caliber of service proven by a third-party auditing company. Very few actions can promote your program as “Trustworthy” better than engaging with a non-invested auditor and being given top marks.

Why an Audit?

Maybe your travelers are making a lot of noise. Maybe you are looking into saving some money on your company’s travel. Or maybe you just want to benchmark how well your agency is doing at providing you the lowest fare…


For all these scenarios, investing in Topaz for an audit of your travel bookings is absolutely the way to go!


A Topaz Audit will provide you with exactly the kind of answers that you are looking for and the data you need about performance. Is your agency or online booking tool offering you the best fares?  And if they aren’t, why not? Are your fares being undercut on the internet? Topaz can help answer all these questions and more.


What Would Happen During an Audit?


All PNRs booked by your agency or online booking tool are sent over to Topaz. You could choose to have 100% of your bookings audited or a statistical random sample. Topaz will take the PNRs sent from your company and look deeply into their booking to discover the following:


  • Did the agency or booking tool identify the lowest fare within policy?
  • Were your negotiated airline discounts being applied when applicable?


After analyzing your determined amount of PNRs over the course of your audit timeline, you will get a detailed readout answering all the above questions, and boiling down to everyone’s favorite question: How well is your program performing?

After all the time and money invested in your travel program it is imperative it is working as planned.



“Always Room for Improvement”


In an interview with Topaz’s general manager Michele Simon, Michele states that no matter what “there is always room for improvement”. This applies not only to her own company, but to everyone. In fact, that is exactly what Topaz audits do!


“We identify problems and provide the client with the information to fix them.” – Michele Simon


With the cost of investment in tools and people, not to mention the cost of travel itself, it is important to validate that things are working as they are intended.


There is no denying Topaz’s tenacity and dedication to get the job done. Couple this with their highly skilled team of Auditors’ drive for detail and consistent work ethic, and Topaz can evaluate and analyze an agency’s performance to the penny.  Identifying errors, providing recommendations for resolution, and providing a way to operate more cost-effectively are all markers of a successful audit!



 Are You Ready to Begin?


Inquiring about an Audit is as easy as sending an email or making a phone call. Click here to get your quote.


Still not convinced? Check out our compilation of real life Case Studies. These will provide a real assessment of the experience customers have had with Topaz and some of our services.


Either way, we here at Cornerstone and Topaz are here to help you look great and grow your business. Contact our teams today to get more information!


Automating Your Business’ Payments Just Became Even Easier


Think about your expenses for a moment. How many of those are automatically paid on a schedule? Many of your subscriptions and monthly bills are paid every month without having to give them any thought. Your Amazon Prime, cell phone, electric bill… even some of our groceries are automatically paid for and delivered to our doorsteps!


So why wouldn’t you do the same for your business?


Well, if you are a customer of SAP Concur using Comdata’s Mastercard payment solutions … Now you can!


ApexConnect, an absolutely top-notch data company, along with our partners at Cornerstone Information Systems has completed a groundbreaking labor of love making this possible, and we’re here to tell you about it.



ApexConnect Announces New Solution for Businesses to Connect Between Comdata and SAP Concur


Just this quarter, ApexConnect, Comdata, and SAP Concur finished up a monumental effort to connect SAP Concur with Comdata; building a payment portal to manage the payments, vendors, workflow, and integrations. In certifying the solution on Concur’s newest V4 Pay API, the offering simplifies complex business processes and offers customers an intuitive and comprehensive payment portal.


Comdata is a 50-year-old company and one of the largest commercial card issuers in the world who delivers innovative B2B payment technologies. The company partners with more than 30,000 businesses to better manage $55B in annual fleet, corporate purchasing, payroll and healthcare spending, making it the leading commercial Mastercard issuer in North America. Given those credentials, chances are you’re probably familiar with them.


In short, this solution accommodates SAP Concur customers to use Comdata for processing payments to vendors.


That’s not all. This was actually a first on SAP Concur’s new standard V4 payment API. Just as important — there were many accolades from SAP Concur and Comdata on the success, comprehension, creativity, as well as the completeness of the documentation and thoughtfulness for the customer use cases, existing customer migrations, and go-to-market approaches.


“Comdata’s focus on customers help them eliminate not just paper, it optimizes internal operation and processes while driving efficiencies into cash and treasury management,” says Greg Hulsey, the Senior Vice President of commercial card sales at Comdata. “By centralizing payments to vendors and leveraging today’s technology, companies can see not just increased efficiencies, but also incentives to optimize the entire AP flow.”


We are very excited to begin rolling this solution out and seeing how much time and money will to be saved for all businesses using this product. So is SAP Concur:


“Comdata provides Concur Invoice clients with an integrated, world-class virtual credit card program. In addition to paying invoices with check or ACH, clients can make payments using a secure, single-use MasterCard account number to minimize the cost and hassle of paper check payments. And because funds are delivered through the MasterCard network, you earn monthly rebates on spending, similar to the way a consumer earns cash back on a personal credit card.” –


We spoke with Comdata’s Senior Vice President of Operations for Corporate Payments, Meitra Aycock, for her take on this successful solution. She is enthusiastic to see AP Automation move forward. “This will save clients a lot of time and a lot of money.”


“Comdata is a leading provider of innovative payment and operating technology that drives actionable insights from spending data, builds enhanced controls and positively impacts its clients’ bottom lines.” – Meitra Aycock


According to research by Comdata, paper checks can cost your business upwards of $5 per check to pay your vendors. That means that the more business you do, the more money is wasted on those little pieces of paper. The setup for the AP automated program is quick and easy. Not only does the automation save time, but the data services linked to it chart out your expenses for you in a consolidated dashboard. No matter who you bank with, that’s something your manual paper check writing process cannot do!


Combining Convenience and Security


Typically, when we think of banking technology, security and convenience can often compete against each other. We all have experienced the choice between having your browser remember your credit card number and needing to fish the card out of your wallet every time you want to purchase something online. This becomes far more complicated when managing payments for hundreds of vendors that you manage for your business.


Comdata’s Virtual Card payment technology solves this conundrum.


Now, when you set up an invoice in the Comdata/SAP Concur solution for repeated and automatic billing, Comdata can generate a single-use 16-digit MasterCard number and deliver that number along with full invoice and remittance data to your vendor.


One card number for each transaction. That means even if the generated credit card number is compromised due to a breach on your vendor’s side, you don’t have to worry because your account is still secure.


Not to mention, since the virtual card is generated as a Mastercard, you are still able to apply the transaction to earning Mastercard rebates just as you might do with a regular personal or business credit card.


Convenience and security, in one elegant solution.


A Practical Solution for the Modern World


But how practical is this solution?


Very! As evidenced by the number of today’s Comdata customers using the previous iteration of this solution.


We asked ApexConnect’s Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Ross Atkinson, what this means for clients:


“Now that we’ve built this with Comdata, we can offer a market leading solution for Concur customers to process their payments through Comdata. That’s extremely important to customers. It streamlines and eliminates data handling errors.


Handling of processing payments to vendors itself also gives you a very clear cut, comprehensive master dataset of your vendors and your terms and conditions of payment. This helps to maximize your payment cycles to ultimately leverage your cash on hand and any incentives provided by Comdata.”


                             – Ross Atkinson, ApexConnect VP Marketing and Sales.


ApexConnect and Automation – Are You A Fit?


While we don’t know exactly what the future will hold, we can definitely take a moment and reflect that ApexConnect, Comdata, and SAP Concur’s team has moved us along the path of automation progress.


Now all that remains is to ask yourself: is your business ready for this future of B2B payments?


If you are interested in learning more about how this payment automation solution can help your company, email us at




Cornerstone’s Tips For Trade Show Success


In just one short weeks’ time, the entire world of travel will descend on London for this year’s Travel Technology Europe trade show.  Cornerstone is excited to be counted among those exhibiting!


So we thought this was the perfect time to share some of our Tips For Trade Show Success, as well as share our thoughts on what not to miss out on during your free time while in London. Read on to find out!


5 Trade Show Tips For Success

1. Wear Comfortable Shoes


It’s no surprise that this one ended up on everyone’s list. In fact, for one person it was the top of his list in bold. Apparently, some of our attendees have found this one out the hard way. Ouch!


Please be kind to your feet at a trade show. Even if your booth has chairs or stools, you will likely be doing a lot of walking, standing, greeting, and selling on the show floor. The last thing you want is to be distracted from business by the pain in your heels and toes!


And if you’re worried about being the only one in tennis shoes – don’t fret. All of the veteran show attendees will also be in some form of comfortable walking shoes, so you will fit right in.


2. Have plenty of business cards


It’s amazing how quickly you will go through these! Yes, many shows now a days have badge scanners so you can keep easy digital track of who you spoke to, but everyone still likes a physical card. One of our Cornerstone veteran show goers even gives the following advice:

“Personally, I like to write quick notes on business cards so that I have a reminder of what I discussed with that person and also to note follow up items I need to take care of when I’m back in the office.”



3. Schedule meetings with key people you want to interact with


This is easy for Travel Technology Europe – just access your TTE Event Portal and navigate to your meetings diary. There, you will be able to request meetings from other companies, and also receive such requests.


This is the best way to guarantee that you will get exclusive one-on-one time with whomever you would like to discuss business. Many of the bigger trade shows offer this kind of service. And for those who don’t – we highly recommend setting up and keeping your own calendar of scheduled meetings. Start cultivating this well in advance!


4. Wear Layers


This is another fashion tip that is almost as paramount as wearing comfortable and supportive shoes. You never know if the temperature inside the trade show is going to be too warm from the sheer volume of people inside, or freezing because their AC units are working overtime.


Either way, wearing layers will not only keep you comfortable, but it will make you seem prepared for anything. Besides, you don’t want to be distracted from your business by the temperature around you, right?


5. Finally – Take the time to wander the trade show floor


You’ll see people you know, you’ll see new things you might not have thought about before, and it’s a great way to interact with others outside your own booth.


Who knows, maybe the solution to your latest business dilemma has a booth set up just the next row over! But you’ll never know that if you don’t get out and see what the rest of the show has to offer.


What Not To Miss In London


Eat at a Pub

As for things to do while you’re not at the trade show? One of our employees says to enjoy the local pubs and restaurants.  Likely, you’ve already got business dinners scheduled (so do we!), but if you have an open lunch slot or some extra time to look around, don’t miss out on spending an hour at an actual English Pub. There are even a few around Olympia itself. Ask the locals at the event, they’ll be sure share their favorites.


Get A Bacon Baguette

This tip comes from a Cornerstone employee whose favorite meals in London were from street vendors. “The bacon in England is way thicker and bigger than it is in America. It makes our bacon look like sad little crispy sticks.” Her advice? Don’t pass up a street vendor selling bacon baguettes! “Sometimes they sell them at tea shops too. Of course, I’d buy them wherever I found them.”



Have Tea at an English Tea Parlor

Another of our Cornerstone frequent travelers argues that you can visit English style pubs in the states almost anywhere, so it’s not a sad loss if you miss out while in England. Their biggest piece of advice? “If you have a little time, find a local tea shop! There’s nothing quite like ordering a pot of tea and scones over there.” According to her, scones in England are very different than scones in America and can’t be passed up. “They are like sweet fluffy biscuits with clotted cream in the middle. Just remember to twist it open like an Oreo, and don’t eat it like a sandwich! Trust me on that one, otherwise you’ll definitely stand out as a tourist.”



See you at Travel Technology Europe –

We hope our tips help make you the star of whichever trade shows you attend! We can’t wait for the show to start this year, and we look forward to seeing you all from booth T128.


Cornerstone Debuting New Updates To TicketTRAK Solution at Travel Technology Europe 2020



We’re excited to announce that we will be exhibiting at Travel Technology Europe on stand T128 at Olympia London, and we can’t wait for you to join us.

TTE is Europe’s dedicated event for travel technology. Whether you work within IT or marketing, Travel Technology Europe is the place where travel professionals like you meet to get new ideas to help them harness their business potential via technology.

Cornerstone will be showing off all of our great products at this event, including our iBank and TravelOptix reporting solutions and our iQCX quality control solution. With Cornerstone’s 27 year focus on automation, we alleviate your agents from routine tasks so they can get back to doing what they’re best at – helping your clients!

We will be discussing our new NDC offerings, new updates to our TicketTRAK platform, and more! Click here to schedule an appointment with us during the show.


TicketTRAK Update Debut


By now, you may already be familiar with some of our new offerings on our TicketTRAK platform which helps your company or agency keep track of (and redeem) unused tickets. From  a hard look at TicketTRAK’s new features, to our post on the 5 Major Costs of Not Tracking Your Unused Tickets, we’ve obviously been very excited about this product. But Travel Technology Europe’s show will be the first time you can talk to us in person about these great new features.


For those already using TicketTRAK and who are asking: “But, Cornerstone, TicketTRAK is already amazing, how can this solution be even better?” Well, here is a list of our major new features in our updated TicketTRAK product:


  • Integration with BookingBuilder (TM)
  • Improved ability for agents to interact with TicketTRAK directly via PNR remarks
  • New ResRule functionality that will alert agents to opportunities to use unused tickets
  • Broadcast report functionality via iBank
  • Improved pre-travel status checks on e-tickets issued through GDS for better data visualization
  • Simplified process for adding non-ARC / BSP tickets and MCOs
  • Robust data visualization for account management and customer consultation
  • Added a process to upload tickets to TicketTrak in bulk during implementation
  • Including a “Build Your Own Report” interface and functionality



Do You Need Help Keeping Track Of Your Unused Tickets?


If you do, you’re in luck! Now is the perfect time for you to get on board with Cornerstone’s TicketTRAK platform. After all, 5%-10% of the tickets that your customers purchase will change and are at risk of going unused. This is why industry standard practice requires the tracking of unused tickets. However, after a certain scale this becomes a very daunting task to accomplish without any software to help.


The good news is that more than 80% of all unused tickets can be recovered through proper management. This is the goal of TicketTRAK. TicketTRAK runs in the background of your workflow process and will alert an agent if there is an unused ticket available for redemption when booking a flight for a customer.  Our goal is to make sure as many unused tickets are redeemed as possible – saving your clients money, and making you look amazing!


Our technology provides automated loading, tracking, and monitoring of ticket status both pre and post-travel up to the time of expiration. We even enable loading of specialty ticket types such as MCOs and non-BSP/ARC transactions. We provide a view of ticket status across multiple GDS sources, and we even automate reporting to go out to your internal teams and customers.


All of these benefits from a program designed to run in the background of your workflow!


Book Your Time With Our Reps Today


Let us help you reclaim your clients’ unused tickets!


If you’re going to be at Travel Technology Europe, why not set up a 30 minute meeting with Cornerstone reps? Click here to schedule an appointment with us during the show.


Or if you won’t be in London this month, you can always get in touch with us to schedule a demo with our state-side representatives here.


Or give us a call at: +1 812 330-4361 *** Press 2 for Sales


We hope to see you there!



Going Beyond the Office – Getting Your Company Involved With Its Community


At the heart of every company are its people and the people that it serves.


There is a business adage out there that asks you to consider the “Triple Bottom Line” of your company (sometimes called the “Three ‘P’s”): People, Profit, and Planet.  We believe that companies should always consider their efforts with this framework in mind, especially since these three forces feed back into each other so closely.


Of course, it is important to live and breathe this dedication to our people and the community, especially if it is a pillar of your corporate values like it is for Cornerstone. But daily focuses can be the theme of another post. Today, we would like to shine a spotlight on two specific events that we are glad to be a part of in our community and show you how easy it is to up your company’s game in this area.


A Day of Service


The Martin Luther King Jr. holiday on Jan. 20, 2020, marked the 25th anniversary of the day of service that celebrates the Civil Rights leader’s life and legacy. Observed each year on the third Monday in January as “a day on, not a day off,” MLK Day is the only federal holiday designated as a national day of service to encourage all Americans to volunteer to improve their communities. The Corporation for National and Community service has been charged to lead this effort for the last quarter century. 

Corporation for National & Community Service


The above website helps coordinate volunteer opportunities across the country local to your zip code, but your local community will also likely be posting in various venues about planned MLK Day opportunities. Many activities take no more than a few hours, and all make a big difference.


In our community, we got to participate in three different fantastic causes that deserve some visibility:


  • IU Hilltop Garden’s “Seed Kit Preparation” to help prepare seed kits for teachers in all surrounding counties for hands-on youth related learning activities


  • My Sister’s Closet’s “Day of Service”, which provides free work force attire and training to at-risk women pursuing employment



  • Many of our remote employees also had opportunities to volunteer in their own communities as well.



In terms of our own productivity these events cost us very little, but we know they meant a lot to our community. We absolutely encourage all companies, large and small to investigate similar opportunities within your own local area.


After all, for many of us in the business world – it is our community who supplies our profit! And a business would be nowhere without those both.



Networking with the Future


Indiana University’s Center of Excellence for Women & Technology is:

“IU’s voice for women & technology. Our mission is to serve as a national model by promoting, empowering, and advancing women to:

  • Build confidence and knowledge about technology,

  • Expand leadership and tech skills,

  • Fully leverage technology in support of academic and professional excellence, and

  • Foster intellectual networks, resources, and interdisciplinary collaborations.


Just this past Monday, Cornerstone got to participate with our local Indiana University in a networking evening for their upper-class women in tech.  We were so impressed with the sheer amount of talent in that room! We were excited to come home with a stack of incredibly impressive resumes from wonderful applicants – any one of which would make a phenomenal tech sector hire.


Let this example show that “involvement with the community” does not always have to involve charity work. While giving back is great, there are many avenues in which your company may be on the receiving end of the benefits of public engagement.



Being a Community Player


If you take nothing else away from reading, take this: our driving message is that your community can prop you up if you take some time to return the favor. Businesses exist in an ecosystem, and the people around it are all involved.


When people in our hometown of Bloomington, Indiana walk by our building, we want to make sure that they think of us favorably, and not just for the sake of having good PR. It’s because we think that way about them.


One of our executives once told me in an interview that “Our people are our Cornerstone”. We certainly try to live by that mantra. Encourage your business to consider something similar because having a policy and reputation for helping others will only ever help to improve your community for everyone.


Adobe Flash is going away. What does that mean for iBank? A lot!


Until now, iBank Version 5 has run on Adobe Flash. However, Flash is going to be discontinued at the end of 2020. This means that iBank would be unable to run if we did not make a number of important changes.
The good news is that you will not have to do anything on your end. We have been working tirelessly on moving iBank off of Flash and on to a more flexible and sustainable web based technology. We plan on making this transition as seamless for you as possible. There may be a few changes, and it may look slightly different, but the basic functionalities will remain the same. Dashboard Travets users are particularly encouraged to read below as you will be most affected by this change.

Read on for more details:


Adobe has decided to “end-of-life” Adobe Flash at the end of 2020. This means that Adobe will no longer support or update their Flash product in any way. As a result, web browsers are preparing to remove support for Flash within their products. This impacts iBank because several components within the site rely on Adobe Flash to present the user interface. Therefore, the Cornerstone Development team is in process of converting impacted iBank functionality to a new modern web framework.

In preparation for this conversion, the Cornerstone Development team has performed an audit of functions and features that will be affected by end-of-life of Adobe Flash. They are now actively converting the core iBank Reporting features impacted by this change to a new modern web framework. Below are the high-level features that are being converted…


  • Accessing/Running Reports (Standard and Custom)
  • Defining report criteria and settings
  • Creating Saved Filter of a collection of report criteria
  • Sharing Saved Filters to another another iBank user
  • Setting a Saved Filter as the ‘Default’ filter set for a report
  • Accessing Saved Filters
  • Creating/Editing Broadcasts
  • Configuring reports included in broadcast request
  • Setting Schedule and Frequency of Broadcasts
  • Defining additional broadcast criteria (output format, account to run broadcast against, etc.)
  • Configuring the broadcast email message criteria
  • Putting broadcasts on hold and flagging if an error is encountered
  • Sharing Broadcast with another iBank user
  • Accessing/Reviewing Data Load Activities
  • Reviewing recently (last 30 days) requested online, offline, and broadcast requests
  • Report outcome (Success, No Data, Error, etc.)
  • Report Criteria
  • Download Copy of Successfully run report
  • Reload report request criteria to re-run the report request



With the availability of better data visualization tools, we have chosen to sunset Dashboard Travets. In iBank V4 these Travet dashboards provided an avenue for customers to glean insights from their data from a small handful of data visualizations. With the arrival of powerful BI tools like TravelOptix, we now have ways for a customer in need of data visualization insights to actively and dynamically work with their data in ways that make Travet Dashboards pale in comparison.

The Development team is converting to the new modern framework that captures as much of the look and feel for how customers work in iBank currently. However, there will be small tweaks/adjustments we will make in the interest of providing the same or improved user interface features and functionality.

This work is currently in progress, and the team is around 75% done with the initial effort to convert the Reporting functionality to the new framework. As areas of the site are completed, we will gather internal feedback to adjust the layout as needed and fix any bugs found. We are beginning to share access internally to gather that feedback. We plan on early being positioned to move customers over to this new user experience in early 2020.