Bringing Big Data to Corporate Travel

Traxo Case Study Cornerstone

With over 25 years providing a range of data automation solutions to the corporate travel market, Cornerstone Information Systems® knows a thing or two about the evolution of data management.

Since 1992, the Bloomington, Indiana-based travel technology and services provider has remained laser-focused on travel data – from the management of the reservation to the creation and presentation of information. Cornerstone’s dedication to process has helped partners in more than 50 countries manage their content, leading to better decision making, higher quality customer service and more nimble operational responsiveness at a lower cost. Travel management companies managing more than $25 billion in travel spend annually trust Cornerstone to help them proactively lower costs and drive revenues through optimization.

“We are people-centric, service-focused, and technology driven,” said Rock Blanco, Senior Vice President at Cornerstone. “The original core of our business was data automation and quality control of reservations. We expanded into reporting, adding more capabilities over the last few years and introduced a new data visualization platform in 2016. Now we are branching out to the next frontier and working with our clients to help them visualize these data points in a completely new way with our 4siteTM platform.”

“Traxo was the only one to meet the needs with the types of data we needed, and the ability to quickly and accurately parse the data.”
Rock Blanco Senior Vice President, Cornerstone Information Systems

Traxo Capture Helps Cornerstone Go Beyond the GDS

As the needs and tastes of the modern-day managed business traveler have evolved, more and more data points are factored into the equation. Blanco said that the Cornerstone team required a truly comprehensive technology solution to help access itinerary data beyond what is available in global distribution systems.
“We all know and understand that data continues to flow after a trip is booked,” Blanco said. “For example, travelers might book ground transportation separately or make additional airline or lodging reservations on-the-fly. We needed access to that data coming from off-platform channels such as Airbnb and HomeAway.”


In 2016, Cornerstone turned to Team Traxo and its Capture email parsing solution which, according to Blanco, “has proven to be robust and extensible.”

Traxo has helped us get more data in the system,” Blanco explained. “And the Capture solution is allowing us to respond in the moment when something happens. We now have a real-time debrief so our clients can make forward-looking decisions based on what is actually happening during any stage of the traveler’s journey.”

Since launching with Traxo Capture in November 2016, Cornerstone integrated the technology with six early adopters, a mix of Travel Management Companies (TMCs) and corporate customers.

“Our goal is to have every Cornerstone customer onboard,” Blanco said.

Team Traxo: Stress-Free, Worry-Free

After coming to terms with its own unique needs and studying the competitive landscape, Blanco and the Cornerstone team quickly realized that Traxo Capture was a one-of-a-kind solution.

“Once our team started investigating and thinking about partners we could work with, Traxo was the only one to meet the needs with the types of data we needed, and the ability to quickly and accurately parse the data,” Blanco said.

From there, it didn’t take long to develop a standard process with Traxo and, since then, Blanco explained that Cornerstone hasn’t had to work together since the implementation of the first six adopters.

“And this is a good thing,” Blanco said “The data is flowing automatically.”

“Cornerstone is one of many partners who stress to us that demand for different data sources and capabilities is not slowing down,” said Cara Whitehill, Traxo Chief Commercial Officer. “As fellow data scientists, we appreciate the challenges they face daily in keeping tabs on ‘the process.”

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Platform Updates Q1 2017

We wanted to highlight some of the exciting things we’ve done for you so far this year.

iQCX® Platform

In the first quarter, we primarily focused on continued enhancements to support data services for your GDS partners. We upgraded our systems to meet the new Web Services standards for Amadeus, and continue to work with individual customers to migrate them to these new Web Services. Once migrated, you will experience faster and more reliable data processing with your Amadeus transactions. We also engaged with Amadeus, Apollo, and Galileo customers to gather additional technical information needed to support data parsing and data capture requirements for Ancillary Services and EMDs.

We released a new version of our ResRules™ Composer, which provides ResRules writers with more flexibility and efficiency when creating new business rules. Our support team is working with customers to upgrade them to this new version in the second quarter. For more information, visit the Cornerstone Community Site.

We released 28 enhancements to our iQCX platform. These range from a new Composer user interface for our iQCX ticketing module to additional logging details. The details for these enhancements can be found on the Cornerstone Community Site.


iBank® Platform

The iBank platform had a very exciting first quarter. We continued to release additional elements of the new .NET code base.  The updated iBank infrastructure allows us to deliver new capabilities to you, faster and with more flexibility. You are already seeing the results of this work with our Air Activity, Rail Activity, Arrivals, Departures and Upcoming Plans reports.

Our Q1 releases enable iBank to gather data more quickly and efficiently, ensuring you have the data you need when you need it. You can also share your data easier. You no longer need to be in the same database to share data with another agency. You can now modify individual reports for sharing.

We also added some additional options for broadcast reporting. We know that you have your own unique needs for broadcast, and we wanted to make sure you could receive the reports in the frequency you needed.  We added a bi-weekly option (every two weeks) and a bi-monthly option (every two months) for both back office and reservation schedules.  You also now have the ability to receive a notification in case delivery of a broadcast report fails to a recipient so that you can respond quickly. A common reason for broadcast emails to fail is an issue with the recipient’s email. This new notification ensures that you can make additional arrangements to get the report to that person – and no one is missing the critical information they need to do their job.

In the second quarter, we will kick off a project that will increase your ability to load data from new and different sources. This project will upgrade iBank’s current Extract, Transform, Load (ETL) capabilities and broaden data extraction and warehousing capabilities, making it easier to bring in your data such as expense data, credit card data, and other reservations. We look forward to launching this new capability later in the year.

TravelOptix® Platform

In the first quarter, the TravelOptix team completed a technology stack upgrade. This upgrade improved platform performance, with faster loading of data and faster recalculations when filtering. This means that you can work more efficiently and see the data visualizations change in real time without loading delays. Charts are now “time-aware,” providing continuous scaling for date fields when drilling into additional emails. The upgrade also provides security enhancements.

We also updated our TicketTRAK® application. This includes greater visibility into the tracking and history of unused segments.


4site® Platform

Since we premiered the re-architected 4site platform at Phocuswright in November, we have spent the last few months bringing on our first set of early adopter customers. With their feedback, we have further enhanced our TMC Dashboard and are extending the 4site experience to the desktop as an app, allowing agents and company admins to manage disruptions without leaving their workspace. If you are interested in learning more about 4site, contact Phil Tau for a demo.