Cornerstone™ Information Systems to Exhibit, Present and Host Event at GBTA Convention in Denver

BLOOMINGTON, IN (June 29, 2016)  Attendees at this year’s 2016 GBTA Convention will be introduced to the latest cutting-edge innovations from Cornerstone Information Systems (CIS), the leading global provider of intelligent automation technology and advanced solutions for travel companies and their clients. The event, which takes place July 16-20 in Denver, Colorado is recognized as The Business Travel Event of the Year® and attracts nearly 7,000 business travel professionals from around the world. CIS will be exhibiting at booth 1464 and sponsoring the Magnolia Hotels’ White & Glo Party.

CIS has significantly enhanced its capabilities and expanded its suite of offerings for TMCs and will be showcasing a range of products including its new AutoPay™ solution and TravelOptix ™platform. AutoPay enables travel management companies and corporations to operationalize their use of virtual cards as a secure, streamlined payment method that eliminates the errors of manual processing and reconciliation of payments through automation. This removes the risk of fraud while providing supplier default protection, lowering costs and generating efficiencies, enabling TMC’s to focus on their clients and growing their businesses.

CIS will also showcase its recently launched TravelOptix™ data visualization and analytics software platform which allows anyone to become a business analyst and architect of their data by providing a comprehensive picture of actionable insights. The elegant, user-friendly platform, which was developed by CIS last year, enables TMCs to optimize their business as well as regulate their policies and travel spend using beautiful dashboards, simple menus, and interactive analytics.

CIS will also introduce their new 4site™ solution during GBTA. 4site was introduced as a travel app prototype during last year’s conference, and it is now ready for TMCs and corporations looking to provide a more seamless and engaging journey management process. The new solution features an integrated dashboard monitor focused on supporting the traveler through their journey. The monitor enables trip tracking and quick two-way communictions with the traveler. By using predictive analytics, 4site provides intelligence for the TMCs that allows agents to react to changing conditions even before things change.

Mat Orrego, the company’s CEO will be a featured presenter, leading an educational session on Tuesday, July 19 titled “Are You Swimming in the Data Lake or Are You Drowning?”.  Mat will be joined onstage by a foremost corporate travel expert from a Fortune 500 company to share strategies for handling data insights effectively.  Attendees will hear from experts in the fields of travel and data visualization and learn how to engage with data in a meaningful way to drive business intelligence.

“Being part of GBTA and surrounded by other travel industry leaders is always an honor,” said Orrego. “With our next generation solutions and capabilities around emerging technologies including big data, mobile, VANs and predictive analytics, CIS supports TMCs to stay ahead of the curve, capitalize on key opportunities and address complex business problems that organizations face today.”

Orrego adds, “We are excited to sponsor the Magnolia Hotels’ White & Glo Party.  The event will take place on the rooftop of their signature property in Denver. It’s a great opportunity to get to see our customers and friends across the industry, and have a little fun while we’re at it.”

GBTA attendees are invited to come by CIS booth #1464 to meet with the CIS team and view live demos of the new AutoPay solution, the TravelOptix platform, and the brand new 4site monitor. To learn more visit or call 1 (888) 778-0897.


About Cornerstone Information Systems

Cornerstone™ Information Systems is a global technology and services provider that has a unique domain knowledge in the travel industry, from how travel is operationalized to how information is managed. With a foundation in automation, we design, build, and deliver technology for travel companies and corporate buyers. We help our partners manage their process and information, to drive better decision making. Cornerstone has a single focus on travel data from the management of the reservation to the creation and presentation of information. The result is higher quality customer service and more nimble operational responsiveness at a lower cost with fewer resources yielding higher profit. We are people-centric, service-focused, and technology driven.

Companies managing more than $25 billion in travel spend annually trust Cornerstone to help them proactively lower the costs of travel management and drive revenues through travel optimization. Founded in 1992, Cornerstone Information Systems is a privately held company headquartered in Bloomington, Indiana with customers in more than 50 countries. To learn more, visit

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Cornerstone’s Shaun McDermott Talks Travel & Trends

Shaun Banner


June 27, 2016 – As CFO and CCO of Cornerstone, Shaun McDermott is excited about Cornerstone’s innovative offerings and upcoming events. Here is a peek inside Shaun’s mind as he talks about those offerings and events in light of a growing travel data industry with Cornerstone’s Marketing Intern, Jo Velazquez.


Jo:       What is one Cornerstone project that you are personally excited about?

Shaun: I am personally excited about Cornerstone’s TravelOptix™ and our effective ongoing launch of the TravelOptix platform. TravelOptix is a hosted software platform that enables visualization and analytics on Cornerstone data, from both iQCX® and iBank®, alongside other data sources. It is very powerful and I am excited about its early configurations for specific client purposes. What we are finding is that TravelOptix™ really can make a difference for our TMC clients to advance and retain business because of its analysis and visualization capabilities. The other aspect of TravelOptix that is exciting to me is the application of TravelOptix capabilities for internal management purposes for TMCs. TMCs have to manage themselves using MIS; what we are seeing is that TravelOptix is very well suited to presenting data that helps TMCs manage themselves, for their own internal operating purposes.


Jo:       Where do you see mobile integration fitting in to the travel data industry?

Shaun: Everything we are doing with 4site™. The 4site platform takes Cornerstone in a new direction and enables us to provide capabilities that we previously did not have in our suite. 4site™, the product set, will have a mobile application, for the traveler’s mobile device, and a complementary servicing application that will enable TMCs and corporations to better support and service their travelers. With parity of information, we enable the traveler and the servicing entity to have the same information at the same time – that is very exciting to me. Looking on to the horizon, we are working on automation of chat to help service the traveler, as well. The industry is in early days in terms of these types of functionalities, yet we are well on our way to providing them.


Jo:       How has Cornerstone led the travel data industry this past year?

Shaun: Both with TravelOptix and with 4site. Again with TravelOptix, we are looking at the ability to mash in data from sources other than the GDS and the TMC back office system; we can combine in any other data set, which is as new and as contemporary a capability as any other offerings in our space. 4site™ is a data offering because its value proposition is enabling the same level of information between the traveler and the service TMC – that’s a data play. As we go along, of course, we continue to make enhancements to our iBank and iQCX platforms that advance their ability to handle data. We are better handling EMDs and other ancillary fee types, increasing our capabilities to handle segments outside air, car and hotel – rail for example. We remain at the cutting edge in the ability to handle all kinds of travel data.


Jo:       Where can customers see the Cornerstone team this summer?

Shaun: We will be at Sabre TTX, the developer’s conference, at the end of June. Of course, our showcase event is at the GBTA meeting in mid-July in Denver, Colorado. We have a number of events planned for the fall, but the big summer event for us is GBTA.


Jo:       What will customers get to see at Sabre TTX and at the GBTA conference?

Shaun: They will get to see our three new offerings. We will be showcasing our 4site suite, the mobile application plus servicing capabilities, TravelOptix, our extremely powerful data analytics and BI tool, and finally, AutoPay™, which enables virtual payment to pay for travel segments. We have been working primarily with our partner eNett on AutoPay. We are also excited to be in the works with other partners that we may announce at GBTA.