Cornerstone Creates New Innovation Group

Cornerstone announced the creation of their new Innovation Group. The division will be led by Cornerstone Founder Mat Orrego along with a group of dedicated innovators, developers, and analysts that includes Senior Vice Presidents Rock Blanco and Aaron Hosey. The Innovation Group will focus on the development of new products and integration with a variety of technologies that will help broaden the value of Cornerstone platforms and introduce new products to expand its portfolio.

Cornerstone’s operations and product platforms—iBank and iQCX—will be led by Ron Childress, who was named President and Chief Operating Officer. Ron has been with Cornerstone since 1999 and will directly manage the operational aspects of the company including development, systems, support, facilities, and training. Shaun McDermott, Cornerstone’s CFO, will continue to manage the financial components of the organization. Alan Minton, Cornerstone’s SVP of Sales & Marketing, will lead the sales, account management, marketing, and product teams. The leadership team will continue to work with Mat Orrego as CEO.

“The consolidation in our industry is creating some real opportunities for us to take a leadership position in driving efficient travel process and decision making for our customers. In order for us to deliver on these opportunities, we need to focus our efforts on growing and scaling our core operations while building new functionality that allows Cornerstone to be better prepared for how agencies and corporations are going to work in the future. I am thrilled to be working with Ron Childress as our President and am thankful for his leadership in helping to drive the success of our company,” said Orrego.

“I am very excited to lead the business of Cornerstone as we focus on improving the value our technology provides our customers. Having resources dedicated to new product innovation enables us to focus on a multifaceted agenda of expanding important features and functionality of our current application platforms for our existing customers while exploring new opportunities, customers, and markets through dedicated research and development,” said Ron Childress, Cornerstone’s President and COO.

Cornerstone announced these changes at its Customer and User Conference in Indianapolis last week, and the team is already excited about the new changes. “As someone who believes that there are no old roads to new directions, I am thrilled to be part of a company that truly understands the best way to predict the future is to invent it,” said Rock Blanco about the change. “Innovation has long been a part of Cornerstone’s history, and innovation will continue to be the rallying cry behind our current and future product initiatives in the months and years ahead.”

Pat Hochstein Joins Cornerstone

Cornerstone has announced that Patrick Hochstein has joined the company as Director, Corporate Business Development. Most recently, Pat was a senior sales executive with Xerox Business Services where he was the sales leader for the Delta Air Lines account. site down Previously, he was the Vice President of North American Sales at Travelport (Worldspan) Global Distribution Systems, with responsibility for the Galileo and Worldspan travel agency customer groups in the Unites States and Canada. website seo services . He has a proven track record of delivering technology-based solutions to the industry for more than twenty years.

“I am thrilled that Pat is joining Cornerstone and will have the opportunity to leverage his depth of travel industry, business, and sales experience,” said Mat Orrego, CEO and founder of Cornerstone. “His work with companies like Xerox and Travelport will greatly benefit our customers because they need to meet the challenges of delivering streamlined technology solutions for their company’s travel programs.”

“I’m excited to be leveraging my industry experience to help Cornerstone’s corporate customers meet their operational objectives. I’m focused on the customers’ needs and then aligning them with the right solution,” said Pat.

Pat’s initial focus will be on expanding opportunities within the corporate and US government market directly and through partnerships with Cornerstone’s more than 350 TMC customers. Cornerstone’s data management product line, augmented recently by the release of iBank BI, will be the primary technology offering with a specific concentration on data consolidation, business intelligence and reporting, risk management, and third-party technology integration

A Nebraska native, Hochstein earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Business and Information Systems from Wayne State College. Pat and his wife live in Marietta, Georgia.

Stuck between Principle and a Policy

By Alan Minton, Senior Vice President of Marketing for Cornerstone Information Systems

I recently read an article by Chris Elliott on the Transparent Airfares Act of 2014. The legislation is supported by airlines and would allow them to remove the taxes and fees from the advertised price of the airfare. The spokesperson says it is about “restoring transparency and truth in advertising.” I can see her point. A lot of products you buy, think cars and TVs, have the taxes and fees excluded from the price tag, and these are then added on when completing the purchase for a total price.

On the other hand, the proposed law flies right in the face of the DOT’s full fare advertising rule, which requires all fees and taxes to be included in the advertised price, just like gas prices, so the consumer knows what they will be paying. I can see that point as well.

There are a lot of other subtle nuances to the story and I encourage you to read it. My quandary here is about whether we should require government taxes and fees to be itemized so that the consumers know where their money is going. ip info I think we should, and here’s why:

Price transparency is a bedrock principle of economic freedom. Understanding who benefits from the purchase of product enables the consumer to make informed buying decisions. These buying decisions go beyond the basic endorsement of a product or service. Active and conscientious consumers can choose whether they want to support a company and its related business practices. It also provides necessary information for the consumer to be better informed on public policy.

Full disclosure, I am a free market capitalist, although not quite to the Ayn Rand level, and thus I support policies that produce more informed consumers. The argument that the consumer will make a purchasing decision without considering the addition of taxes and fees is too patriarchal. Even my daughters understand that you have to add 7% to the price of a product before leaving the store. I think a business should be able to show its price to the consumer, and I also think that government fees and taxes should be exposed. In this case, I am hard pressed to understand how more information is a bad thing.


Club Travel Partners with Cornerstone

Club Travel, a leading South African travel management company, has selected Cornerstone Information Systems to provide technology to support their goal of increasing top-line revenue and improving operational efficiency and staff productivity to grow profitability. The addition of reservation management and data management technologies was essential to allow Club Travel to continue offering customers the unique combination of best price and best service. Club Travel South Africa was named Africa’s leading travel agency for a seventh successive year at the twentieth annual World Travel Awards Africa Gala Ceremony held in Nairobi, Kenya last on 16 October 2013.

“At Club Travel we are passionate about understanding and meeting our clients’ needs. We do this by drawing on a number of travel technologies to tailor make travel packages for the corporate and leisure markets at the very best price. It is essential we partner with a company like Cornerstone that understands and responds to the special demands of our business. Cornerstone has an excellent reputation, and their technology has seen us grow in the corporate marketplace extending the philosophy of shared values to our clients, suppliers, and stakeholders. Being recognized as Africa’s leading travel agency is testament to our continued efforts to improve our product and service offering,“ said Club Travel MD Wally Gaynor.

“Club Travel is the type of TMC partner that we are excited to support. Their customers have unique demands. We are confident our technologies will help them significantly improve profitability through quality control, file finishing, process automation, document delivery, robotic ticketing, and management reporting,” said Kyle Moser, Managing Director – Global Business Development for Cornerstone.

Cornerstone recently launched its new Business Intelligence application, iBank BI, on its popular data management platform, iBank. More than 250 TMCs and corporations from around the world access the SaaS-based application. More than 13,000 users rely on iBank to deliver the information they need to make sound business decisions. In January, Cornerstone’s iQCX reservation management platform passed a milestone and processed more than 1,000,000 unique reservations and more than 8,000,000 reservations in total.

About Cornerstone Information Systems

Cornerstone Information Systems is a technology and professional services company helping travel management companies, corporate travel departments, travel technology companies, and global distribution systems work more efficiently and more profitably. Founded in 1992, Cornerstone Information Systems is a privately held company headquartered in Bloomington, Indiana with personnel in eight locations worldwide. Further information about the company is available at or by contacting Alan Minton at (812) 269-0014 or

About Club Travel

Club Travel specializes in corporate, executive travel, online travel, and groups/Conferences/Incentives/Events. Their vision is to offer customers the unique combination of best price, best service, and long-term relationships. For more information, please visit